5 Weeks to Holistically 
Optimise Your Pregnancy

by the end of these 5 weeks you will:

  • Have a strong community of like minded women to continually support you.
  • Feel in charge of your process and more connected to your body and baby.
  • Have an establish self care routine.
  • ​Feel confident in your conversations and discussions with your doctor or midwife.
  • ​Feel awesome knowing your nutrition and supplement routine is perfected.
Studies Show It Really Does Take A Village To Raise a Child.
Study Summary:
Mothers without strong support from a community had higher levels of stress, and mothers with higher levels of stress were more worn down and pessimistic about parenting.

They also found the opposite true: mothers with strong support from their communities had lower levels of stress and were optimistic about parenting.
You are invited to join our community (or as I like to call it, a tribe) of: 
  • ​Expecting mothers.
  • ​New mothers.
  • ​Planning to conceive again mothers.
  • ​Passionate birth workers and wellness professionals. 
Wouldn’t it be cool to have online and offline subgroups (villages) based on your preferrred location, subjects, and interests? 

A community platform that connects you to others who have simlar preferences. 
As a collective we can create our own "villages" that support and bring out the best in all of us. 
YOU Are Invited To Come Find Your Birth Tribe Here