Find your Voice, Face Your Fears
& Take Charge of Your Pregnancy 

Find Your Voice, Face Your Fears 
& Take Charge of Your Pregnancy 

"The Vibrant Pregnancy program was everything I wanted and more.."

During These 5 Weeks Together We Will: 

💥reclaim your intuitive power
💥address your fears
💥optimise your nutrition & supplements
💥establish self-tending practices
💥reduce your toxic chemical load 
💥create a like-minded community.

Hello!   My name is Red Miller
I’m a Mother, Holistic Midwife, Author and Creatrix of Love Based Birth.

I have guided thousands of women, like you, back to their inner knowing so they can bridge the gap between the birth of their dreams... and everything that is keeping them from experiencing exactly that. 

I invite you to join us on a magical journey of discovery and empowerment.

by the end of these 5 weeks you will:

  • ​Be clear what aspects of the journey you can control & WHY that is essential
  • ​Have more tools to soften & surrender to what is well beyond your control  
  • ​Feel confident in your conversations & discussions with your doctor or midwife.
  • ​Feel awesome knowing your nutrition & supplement routine is polished
  • ​Have a clear structure to work with your fears & turn them into productive action
  • ​Have a strong community of like minded women to continually support you.

By the end of these 5 weeks you will:

  • Have a strong community of like minded women to continually support you.
  • Feel in charge of your process and more connected to your body and baby.
  • Have an establish self care routine.
  • ​Feel confident in your conversations and discussions with your doctor or midwife.
  • ​Feel awesome knowing your nutrition and supplement routine is perfected.


  • Women in their preconception journey
  • ​Pregnant mums in any stage of pregnancy who want to transform far beyond standard prenatal care, and optimise on all levels - mind, body, spirit. 
  • ​Women who wish they had access to a midwife but don't have one in their area.
  • ​Women who feel alone, fearful or anxious.
  • ​Women who have had a traumatic first pregnancy or birth.
  • ​Women who want to connect with a likeminded community and escape misogyny and fear mongering.


👉🏽 Live Opening & Welcome Call: Tuesday October 11th at 11am SGT
👉🏽  Theme of the Week: 60mins Content Session Taught by Red on Tuesdays
👉🏾 Weekly Self Care Challenge: The Transformative  Kind of Homework
👉🏾 Individual Support in our Private Community of Epic Women 
👉🏾 Plus more surprises
👉🏽Live Closing Call: Tuesday November 8th at 11am SGT.

All sessions will be recorded so you will still be able to learn and participate even if you aren't able to make it live 

Course material will continue to be available to you after the live sessions that ends on November 8th.

"This course was everything and more. A perfect combination of knowledge backed by credible sources and tapping into our own inner wisdom and intuition. 

A true blend of the heart and mind. 

I’d highly recommend to any mama who’s looking to connect with an incredibly community of women and the pure magic (and everything in between!) of conception and pregnancy. 

I feel empowered and excited for all that is come. Thank you for EVERYTHING Red!!! 🙏🏽"

Sheila Karpe, Executive Wellness Coach, Singapore


Week By Week

Week 1 | Reclaiming Lost Body Autonomy

  • Shifting into Becoming an Active Participant in your Healthcare.
  • ​Choosing Responsibility Instead of Blame.
  • ​4 Trimesters Overview - Tests & Ultrasounds: How do you know what is right for you? 
  • ​Weekly self-tending challenge. 


  • Eat to boost immunity, reduce stress and avoid tearing PLUS how to know if you are getting enough protein.
  • ​​Building & Protecting Blood & Fluid Volume.
  • ​What supplements do you actually need?
  • ​How to identify a quality supplement brand?
  • ​Essential blood work that is often left out prenatal care.
  • ​The Role of Salt.
  • ​Weekly self-tending challenge.


  • Settling into being.
  • ​The Role of Intuition.
  • ​Recognising Ancestral Thought Patterns & Beliefs.
  • ​Recognising the Quality of Your Self Talk.
  • ​Weekly self-tending challenge.


  • What does 'What we Resist Persists' actually mean?
  • The power of acknowledging our fears and what we do with that.
  • ​​Using a 5 Step Action Plan to move from fear to confidence.
  • ​Using affirmations & creating a new thought form.
  • Weekly self-tending challenge.


  • How many chemicals are a part of your daily life?
  • Home and Body - 5 Essential Green Steps​
  • Weekly Self-tending Challenge


  • Plenty of opportunity to share with the private community and get support with natural remedies for your physical challenges like nausea, heartburn, haemorrhoids, movement; discuss exercise, navigating tests, care providers and much more
  • ​15% off Red's Birth Preparation Classes 🙌🏼
  • ​Discounts on 1 - 1 work with Red
  • ​Curated Discounts on Natural Products & Services 
  • ​Ongoing Access to Course Content & VP Community 
  • ​Love Based Birth Hive Community Access 


"I found Red's Vibrant Pregnancy course exceptional. 

It gave me a tribe of like minded women to connect with, an arsenal of information and realisation of how much power I do have with my body, my birth and my baby. 

I loved that each week had a unique focus and the time to follow up with questions afterwards. I feel so much better equipped for this pregnancy and upcoming birth."

Jemma Hooykaas, High School Teacher, Singapore

"I can highly recommend this course and RED!

Even though I am not in Singapore, I loved being able to watch the playback sessions and ask questions before/or after. 

All my fears and worries were calmed during this incredible course, filled with so many powerful warrior Mommas and amazing resources.

Thank you for helping me to get into the right headspace as I prepare to welcome our baby Earth side. 

 ~ Lindsey, IVF Warrior, Warsaw


October 11th 2022

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            I know a lot of people are experiencing some level of financial challenge through this time, if you are in this situation and feel called to be in this program, please email me at red @ lovebasedbirth dot com so I can help make this possible.
            I found the online sessions with Red to be very enjoyable, informative and insightful. I learnt a lot... and made a lot of positive changes, especially in my diet.

            My understanding of multivitamins and blood-work, various tests and what it all means and the importance of knowing why we are doing and taking all these improved so much and it was definitely very empowering and I feel more in control and more informed.

            It was also very nice to meet so many other mothers who shared the same thoughts fears and feelings in general about pregnancy and made one realise that it’s perfectly normal to feel all those feelings. I also found the session on all the chemical exposure so helpful.

            This is such a good course for all expecting mothers! ♥️👍🏻
            - Nainika Karan, Fashion Designer, Delhi
            "I have a tendency to be anxious & get paranoid easily when it comes to physical health, hospital visits for scans, blood tests and pregnancy involved all of the above. Having Red a phone or zoom call away is a big blessing!

            My key takeaways from VPP were: building mental strength, mind conditioning that everything is going to be ok because I'm in control of this birth. 

            VP helped me to have faith in myself, believing in my intuitive power. I have more awareness and I feel much more confident and ready than I did in my 1st pregnancy"

            ~ Amruta Patki, Counselling Psychologist, Singapore
            "Red's VPP is a nourishing, accessible and comprehensive program. I was able to learn important lessons on nutrition, examinations and chemicals as well as offered the chance to deepen and reflect on approaching pregnancy and birth in a holistic, balanced and well-informed way alongside women on similar paths.

            Finishing the program, I feel empowered, connected and more confident, understanding the choices I have, discovering the places / people I can seek help from when needed, and deepening my self-awareness to navigate the journey from a more intuitive place.

            I am also more connected to my caring and nurturing side, a testament to Red's pragmatic and love-filled teachings and what I could most wish for any woman in their pregnancies!

            ~ Alejandra, Life Coach & Social Impact Investor
            "An Empowering, motivating and insightful course for women wanting to optimise their pregnancy, overall health and wellbeing, plus connect with other like minded women."

            ~ Jessie Mills, Midwife, Australia
            "Vibrant Pregnancy Program was such a great way to get in touch with like-minded pregnant ladies from all around the world.

            We received not only valuable information (that you would not found anywhere else), hands-on tips from experienced mums, but we were also able to share our own feelings, sometimes fears and questions !

            Highly recommended if you want to optimise your pregnant journey.  
            - Flore, Lawyer, France
            "The Vibrant Pregnancy program was everything I wanted and more.

            It was great to have a space to address some of the uncomfortable thoughts and fears I had around pregnancy and find ways to work with them.

            Red is wonderful, so informative and her calm energy had me feeling more grounded and empowered after each session.
            Michelle, Pole Fitness Instructor
            "The Vibrant Pregnancy program gives an opportunity to connect with like-minded people while giving concrete suggestions and solutions for a healthy pregnancy and birth."
            Mina Bregman, 4th Baby, Singapore 
            • How did I come up with the price?

            I wanted to make joining this journey a super easy, no brainer, YES for you, so the price is very accessible! 


            ✔️Because I see incredible results from women who attend the VPP program and want EVERYONE who is called to experience the same! 

            This format of group prenatal care brings huge potential for accelerated growth and expansion for you because of the accountability the community provides. 

            I notice when I a member of programs with a strong community focus, it greatly encourages my action and forward momentum 😃

            ✔️If you would book to see me privately for two x 1 hour sessions you would pay S$550

            During our 2 live session together you will have plenty of time and space to interact directly with me and have your questions answered. I am also always available in our private group space to support you individually. 
            While this is a group setting, you will have plenty of space to ask your questions and have a personalised experience. 

            I have no doubt this is going to be a super win for you 😁🙌🏼✅

            From experience, I know I attract the most proactive, most driven and epically awesome woman on the planet to journey with and this will be the same!

            Love, Red

            PS The timing for our live calls will be suitable for those of you who want to join from Europe, India and Australia, New Zealand

            PPS Not sure? ... read what these wonderful mothers said about their VPP journey..

            Reviews: What VPP women are saying...

            "I am so happy to attend these knowledgable sessions, not only I now know what to do in pregnancy, I also know what changes I can make post Partum.

            So many aspects of motherhood have been touched and highlighted here. So grateful for Red, I most definitely will have a VIBRANT PREGNANCY🌈"
            Sheina Thapar, India  

            I am a first time mama and this course really helped me to figure out how I wanna go thru this pregnancy (empowered of course!).

            Through the course, you will learn the soft and very intangible aspects of the journey (e.g intuition and connection) as well as gain very useful and practical insights and knowledge (nutrition, health, green living).

            It’s an all rounded course - Red and the community are embracing and loving and I loved it!
            ~ Jinping, Fighter Jet Pilot, Singapore

            The content was bite sized and heavy topics were split so it wasn't "too much". 
            I loved Red's energy and willingness to keep exploring and supporting. 
            The Q&A sessions were a great way to crystallise the week's learnings and to learn from others in the class. 
            Thank you Red!
            ~ Grace, Singapore

            Doing this course with Red allowed me to have somewhere and someone to ask all my questions to that just don’t get answered or talked about with an ObGYN. 
            Because of her vast experience dealing with pregnant women and birth I was able to fully surrender and trust her years of knowledge and research and this made me feel safe and secure in myself that I am indeed doing what’s best for this baby. Thank you Red 
            - Tal, Singapore

            I loved having this course in my diary twice week, where I could join a community of other women and led by the wonderful Red to focus on my pregnancy and learn so much.

            Even though I’ve got two kids already, Red taught me a lot in just 5 weeks, knowledge and wisdom which I’m sure will ease and elevate my experience this time round.

            My big take away from this great course is that there’s so much that I can control about the path of my pregnancy and birth and this empowers me to stay connected and involved each step of the way." 
            ~ Bethan, UK

            The discussions with Red were usually eye openers.  I have been doing a lot of changes with respect to my diet, the stuff that we buy and all, but i never took it very seriously. 

            These classes have reinforced the drive, with more information on why I need to slow down, go green and avoid whites (sugar,rice,etc) Basically it has been a stimulation to makes those essential life style changes and get back in tune with nature. I Love Red's sessions and this was more for a lifetime than just pregnancy!
             -Jothi, VBAC, Singapore

            This course is for anyone who wants to gain more knowledge of how to have a healthier lifestyle moving towards their pregnancy or birth, both mentally and physically. 

            It's a safe place to share, and to feel heard no matter how you are feeling
            It's a space to become inspired and empowered. 
            It's a place I went into feeling a bit unsure of how to move forward with my own pregnancy, and I've come out with a new superpower. 
            Confidence in my own intuition. I highly recommend this course!.
            ~ Elle Drabble, Phuket

            Red's session is like a fellowship, heart to heart communication. After attending the program you walk out with strength and clarity.
            Jisha, Preconception, Singapore 

            This is a perfect challenge to reconnect with the essence of life, by acting with love and mindfulness.  I loved those weekly appointments and the fact that it is recorded as well in case we are running out of time.
            - Valeria, Singapore

            More About Red...

            🔅Red Miller is a Birth Consultant, Holistic Midwife, Author and Founder of Love Based Birth. She is incredibly passionate about helping couples have awesome births and has helped thousands do exactly that.

            🔅Red has attended nearly a thousands births in more than 10 countries including Nepal, USA and Singapore; and in diverse settings from rice fields to a palace.

            🔅Red guides couples through a unique step-by-step process to help them physically, mentally and emotionally prepare for birth. They learn how to manage and significantly reduce the pain of labor, transform their fears into positive action and navigate the health system they are working in.

            🔅Red’s quest is to guide women to tap into their inner wisdom and believes that once women start demanding their right to birth their babies in love and respect; a HUGE shift will occur in every corner of the planet.

            🔅Red’s first book “From Fear to Love: Your Guide to a Fearless Magical Birth” is available on Amazon.

            🔅She is also the creatrix of the Love Based Birth Tribe, an online App to connect parents and wellness professionals globally. It is created for the millions of women around the world who are seeking deeper connection, joy, love and magic while becoming mothers.
            Red Miller
            Join Our Community...
            Studies Show It Really Does Take A Village To Raise a Child.
            Love Based Birth Hive is for the millions of women and families around the world who are seeking more from the options then those presented to them by the mainstream and who want to experience deeper connection, joy, love and magic while becoming mothers and parents.

            We are..

            • ​Expecting mothers.
            • ​New mothers.
            • ​Planning to conceive again mothers.
            • ​Passionate birth workers and wellness professionals. 

            • ​We are keen to take responsibility for our own personal health journeys as well as our family's. 
            • ​We believe in holistic living and prefer natural remedies over prescription drugs. 
            • ​We don't follow medical or any other advise blindly, we combine all information we receive with our inherent intuitive wisdom, to then make the best decisions for us personally. 
            Study Summary:
            Mothers without strong support from a community had higher levels of stress, and mothers with higher levels of stress were more worn down and pessimistic about parenting.

            They also found the opposite true: mothers with strong support from their communities had lower levels of stress and were optimistic about parenting.
            Studies Show It Really Does Take A Village To Raise a Child.
            Study Summary:
            Mothers without strong support from a community had higher levels of stress, and mothers with higher levels of stress were more worn down and pessimistic about parenting.

            They also found the opposite true: mothers with strong support from their communities had lower levels of stress and were optimistic about parenting.
            You are invited to join our community (or as I like to call it, a tribe) of: 
            • ​Expecting mothers.
            • ​New mothers.
            • ​Planning to conceive again mothers.
            • ​Passionate birth workers and wellness professionals. 
            Wouldn’t it be cool to have online and offline subgroups (villages) based on your preferrred location, subjects, and interests? 

            A community platform that connects you to others who have simlar preferences. 
            As a collective we can create our own "villages" that support and bring out the best in all of us. 
            YOU Are Invited To Come Find Your Birth Tribe Here
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